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Hi my name is Zara Phythian and welcome to my online training academy. I've created this website to share my knowledge of martial arts both on the mat and on the screen. 


Martial Arts has been a passion of mine since my early years, infact over 27 years!! and i'm super excited to be able to share my training experiences, tips and drills on this platform with you. 

I hope you'll join me and check out some of my courses. 


Let's train!

Zara x



The Action Bo Performance Course

The Action BO Performance Course includes; 

Warm up drills, Technical Blocks & Strikes, Weapon Manipulation, Spins, Rolls & Releases, 4 Blocks of choreography and the ZP BO Action Form Level 1!

Everything you need to start your weapons journey. Get creative and join me from the 28th April 2020. 



The full course is ONLY £19.99!

Check out The ZP Action Bo Course: LEVEL 1
NOW AVAILABLE Just £19.99!

Check out The ZP 9 Rounds Bag Blast
Now Available! Just £49.99!

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Mail: Unit 2 The Broadway, Mansfield NG18 2RL

Tel: 01623 656 890

Email: zaraphythian@gmail.com 


New content on its way!!

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm currently creating a range of content of the Online Training Academy - ranging from Action Performance & Screen Fighting, Martial Art Curriculums, Fitness & Conditioning, Style-Specific Training, Tournament Strategies, Sparring, Traditional & freestyle Forms and Katas, Flexibility & Stretching, Kicking Skills and Kick Conditioning, Weight Training, Instructor Training, Dojo Drills & Skills, Children's Age Specific Programs and a range of Performance Weapons including Bo, Kama, Nunchaku, Sword and the 9-Section  Whip Chain. 


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